A little trial by error was required to form the window insert
It needs to be reinforced with Bondo and resin
I discovered that the plastic from a CD case is just about the right size for each window pane with minimal trimming. I leaned one against the frame to demonstrate
On the Gemini XII the viewport was larger and the window bars went right to the edge and were not set back. There aren't any good shots of this on the 4 foot hero Jupiter-2
Interior side panel
Floor and console underway
Checking the placement of the console photos
Painted with floor installed
It needs Burroughs 205 consoles and chairs
The console photos are courtesy of Bill Hedges who built these great life-sized working replicas. CLICK to see them.
3 - 2 3/4 inch long Burroughs 205 units
Temporary paper scrim
Finished backlit scrim with floor section
Temporary installation
Hero model close up
Backlit scrim that looks nothing like the actual interior set!
John Robinson made from a Cmdr. Riker action figure (incorrect scale)
Original Smith figure from the hero model and my J.R.
Styrene command chairs underway
One chair almost done
Two chairs done
And installed
Rare interior view you'll never see
The whole unit ready for installation minus scrim