Entering the derelict space station
The J-2 showing interior scrim
Taking off from Priplanus ...
And catching fire on the way down
Rare unused shot of the J-2 leaving a trail of smoke...
...and landing in another shot not used
Low angle view -
Odd shot of the J-2 firing thrusters
The Gemini 12 coming in for a crash
Rare close-up leaving the derelict ship
Surrounded by explosions and falling rocks
and losing pressure
Firing the main thruster bank (?)
Flying through an interstellar dust cloud
The J-2 landing in a shot used many times
Spinning out of control
Going through a time warp
The 12.5 inch J-2 model leaving orbit
12.5 inch model orbiting the derelict
Open the pod bay doors Hal
Thruster close-up
The 12.5 incher heading toward a generic planet
The pod dropper
Being fired at by a hyper atomic missle
Dropping the Pod
Orbiting Priplanus
The fusion core being blown off. Not only a blooper, but the shot was used in two episodes!
Setting down without landing gear so they could use the existing planet exterior set. The miniature landscape never matched the full size set.