I recently acquired a four foot Jupiter-2. It was in an incomplete state with the exception of the fusion core chaser lights. This page will show the construction process and refurbishing. It was cast from the same mold as the original back in 1965.


Here it is, the culmination of over... anyway, I've been waiting a long time for one of these to come along
I put some waxed paper in the fusion core for diffusion to get an idea of what the lighting will look like
The fusion core measures about 14 inches across
Some minor repairs need to be made along the seam
There's a slight dip in the seam just below the round window...
...which can be seen on the hero as well
The astral dome (as it's called) just arrived
The chaser light board
I had to make a funky V-shaped thing that spins around inside the astral dome
No one knows for sure what this really looked like so this is my interpretation from a studio photo (below)
A 60 RPM motor turns it around
The 4 foot hero close up
Light will come through the three holes on the base
Like this


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