The side radar unit underway
Inside the unit. A 30 RPM motor will rotate the rings on each side
I got some parrot rings from a bird supply company. They were too thin so I had to put two together and Bondo the extra diameter.

First test fitting
Painted and one side finished
The blue bulbs are fake - a clear casting with blue tint

The big day - painting the dome
More parts installed
The gyroscope is next

Incomplete gyro parts
Gyro ring halves
Gyro disk

Gyro ball close up
Gyro unit lower half
Gyro unit complete and installed. Note the fine optical quality glass dome!

Cam unit inside the brain. Note gyro motor above
Cam Close up. Motor is on the left
Sax valves now open and close

That's pretty much it. The project began on June 16th 2008 and was completed on June 26th 2009.
Check the next page for some completed photos and a video.