"Saturday Night Live" has featured dozens of the program's signature fake commercials including the classic spot for Old Glory Insurance, which provides the elderly coverage against robot attacks.

watch it here

The best part is the earnest, deadpan narration by "Law and Order" star Sam Waterson:

As a senior citizen, you're probably aware of the threat robots pose. Robots are everywhere, and they eat old people's medicine for fuel.

Well, now there's a company that offers coverage against the unfortunate event of a robot attack--  Old Glory Insurance.

Old Glory will cover you with no health check-up or age consideration. You need to feel safe. And that's harder and harder to do nowadays, because robots may strike at any time. And when they grab you with those metal claws, you can't break free. Because they're made of metal.  And robots are strong. Now, for only $4 a month you can achieve peace of mind in a world filled with crime. And robots.

So don't cower under your afghan any longer. Make a choice. Old Glory Insurance--for when the metal ones decide to come for you. And they will.

WARNING: Persons denying the existence of robots may be robots themselves.