90% of the people who recognize the B-9 from Lost In Space believe his name was Robby. People have even argued with me insisting he was called Robby. When I tell them he was called just "Robot" or "B-9", they say, "I don't think so, I'm sure he was Robby."
A handful of people have even said, "Oh, that's R2-D2!" In one strange case, someone said, "That's Twiki, right?"
The most bizarre one yet was when someone saw a photo of my B-9 and said (no joke), "I never saw a furnace like that before."
I will direct these folks to this page, and maybe it will help sort things out.

Robot model B-9
It is NOT Robby, and never will be Robby
Lost In Space, 1965
This is Robby.
The B-9 is NOT Robby
Forbidden Planet, 1956
R2 D2 from Star Wars
The only similarity is that part of it spins around
Star Wars, 1977
Twiki from Buck Rogers. How anyone could confuse this with B-9 is beyond me
Buck Rogers, 1978
This Furnace
puts out about 200,000 BTUs. The B-9 puts out about .05