The 1991 Dodge Shatner

The 1991 Dodge Shatner was supposedly designed by Bill. This car was never mass produced, and only two or three are still known to be in existence. Bill thought the "car of the future" as he called it would run on two cylinders, have a dark red tinted windshield, and sell for about $5000. Its performance was mediocre at best on level ground, but hilly areas were out of the question. It had what Shatner called "Electro-Shat Assist", which consisted of a small electric motor inside the trunk area with a drive belt running down to the rear wheel. It would kick in when extra power or acceleration was needed. Two of the test cars' electric motors overheated and caught fire while ascending a 2% upgrade. Shatner then claimed it would be good for city commuters, but those who test drove it stated that they would rather walk or take a bicycle if given a choice.

Bill was sued by Chrysler Motors in 1992 for being unable to live up to his promise that he would move half a million of these automobiles within 6 months. Only five were assembled. Dollar figures are unavailable.

Recent shot of a Dodge Shatner seen in Cheshire Connecticut

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