August 1 - Candy Page update

June 12 - New front page

Lew Page added

What some people have said about this site...

"I like it." - A.L. - MA

"That's your first site? Amazing. You're a natural. Nice Shatner toupee." - R.R. - CA

"What an incredible page for just one day's work!" - D.R. - RI

"Been there -- loved it! HAD to go to the Shatner page first!! Good job, Lew." - T.B. - WI

"...You look really good in that tuxedo!" - K.M. - Sweden

"I like the Katarina-page, it's fun." - K.J. - Sweden

"I dialed; I saw: I wish I understood". - K.B. - RI

"I've seen better." -B.Shatner. - CA

What sitting in front of a computer too long will do to you

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