Candy was to play Myra Parrish, as seen in a pre-production poster for the film. Myra was to be one of the daughters of Anthony Hopkins' character, but 11th hour contract negotiations could not be reached. The production was months behind schedule, so her role was eliminated and recast with Claire Forlani, who was acquired for several million dollars less. The right hand photo shows Candy in some party scene test footage.

Candy once dated Wayne Newton. The photo shows them attending the premier of "Cabin Boy". On the right, Candy appears on the cover of TV Guide when she was one of Dave's girls (1994 - 95).

Candy and Lew's Top 10 Spellings for The Farrelly Brothers

1. Pharrellys

2. Pherellis

3. Pharohlys

4. Ferralies

5. Farrillies

6. Pfharrelies

7. Fairalies

8. Farrallees

9. Pferrallys

10. Pfffahrallies

Candy in a publicity photo from the 1998 film "Babes in the Bushes" It's available on El Rauncho Home Video for $26.95, and includes two pairs of 3-D glasses

Lew's top 10 names for Candy

1. Candles

2. Candescent

3. Candelabra

4. Candelicious

5. Candana

6. Candy Cane

7. Candella

8. Candy Girl

9. C-Dudette

10. NH Chick

Candy with the Webmeister