The Gemini XII (if you didn't already know) was the name of the Robinson's interstellar spacecraft from the Lost In Space pilot. Once the series went into production it was renamed the Jupiter-2. The Gemini was slightly different with a shallow profile lower hull, larger fusion core, and larger front view port. This G-12 was converted from a Polar Lights Jupiter-2 kit released around 1998.

The main viewport had to be enlarged
The lower hull slant had to be removed to be given less angle
Void was filled in with Bondo
Test shot with leftover Moebius 18 inch Jupiter-2 fusion core
Sanded down with all holes filled
Fusion core ring molded in resin
Detail starting to be added
Hatch detail, upper hull circles and small window removed
Moebius fusion core compared to mine
Making a latex mold of the fusion core
The casting came out like crap, so it won't be used.
I'm using the original styrene part I made as it's a one-off anyway
Fusion core complete except for a little paint
First stack up
Window frame added
Clear windows installed
The original model didn't have it but I mounted the astrogator on a pole
It will be in the flight mode... this
This is it, more or less done
Not too great interior, through not too great "glass"
Overhead view
I may go back to this someday to refine it all